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Paintable wallpaper

ERFURT-VLIESFASER, a sturdy, dimensionally stable, and crack – covering wallpaper, ensures a perfect result – even after only layer of paint. In contrast to glass fibre, this product can be dry – stripped from the wall, which improves efficiency and lowers health risk during renovation.

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Anaglypta is one of the most recognized and oldest wallpaper brands, originally formed in 1887. The brand is synonymous with paintable wallpaper and remains the definitive collection, offering a very wide range of designs and materials.

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Glass fiber (or glass fibre) is a material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass.

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Glass fiber (or glass fibre) is a material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass. Volimea wandwerk – represents sophisticated interior design, lends a special charme to your home, 17 different surfaces.

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Silky: As raw ingredients we use only ECO products such as SILK, CELLULOSE and decorative minerals additives.
It is bounded by cellulose based adhesive.

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Cotton: Nawofa – Natural Fiber Coating for walls and ceilings in commercial and private used buildings It is a better level – healthy indoor climate: soundadsorbtion, breathable and moisture control, balance of cracks, wide range of decors, colours and textures.
Ideal to coat large surfaces and ceilings.

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Lime/marble plaster made from nature’s materials for unique walls to create individual styles and surfaces in many colors and various glazes.

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Magic Touch
Tangibly different. Fast and beautiful spatula for indoor and outdoor: noble accentuation with velvety metallic effect,
robust unique pieces for individual wall design

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Deco Style/Concrete/Travertine
Makes an independent, self-important atmosphere in interiors. Aesthetics, functionality and the combination of Vintage with modern art or solo. Ideal on large surfaces.

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Deco Floc
Multicolored floc-mix for decorativ wallcovering in strongly used spaces as offices doctors offices or staircases: 36 modern color mixings, Additional of mica is possible

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Stylish staged – elegant wall composition with Quartz Style. Fine quartz coating for decorative shaping of internal walls.
Ideal basis for creative wall design by the professional.

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Color Effect
Color Effect Plaster – Multicolored effect covering in render optic

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Natural fiber
Individually textured walls make your rooms seem more dynamic, warmer and more interesting. For application with a roller or brush, AURO plasters are available, ready for processing, in a variety of grain sizes.

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Planeo wallcoverings set stylish accents on walls and enjoy growing popularity. Panels are available in various color shades made from modern environmentally friendly plastic materials.

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Design Elements
ARSTYL® – this new generation wall decorations will give your interior a highly inspired new look, neat structure or colored relief design. WALL PANELS in 8 designs and 3 different styles – natural – pure – fun

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A revolutionary integrated system to protect walls from wetness and dirt. As well privat bathrooms as commercial wet rooms, in small kitchen, cafeteria … Simple versatile, easy to clean, very resistant

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Fibo is a 100 % waterproof system for walls manufactured in Norway. The wall panels are a perfect choice to design your bathroom in high quality. All wall panels, kitchen boards and countertops are waterproof hygienic and easy to clean.

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