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RENOfloor is a successful innovative company specialized in the production of first class stone carpet floor coverings.
Their unique marble and quartz floorings are a weather- and UV-resistant solution for outdoor use. But also an attractive opportunity to design business rooms individually.

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WALLSTYL® – the high quality collection includes mouldings, chair rails and baseboards

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Parador offers aesthetic flooring concepts for every application, which are produced from high quality and recyclable materials. An authentic look, functional design and the environmentally friendly selection of materials enable the implementation of sophisticated “Made in Germany and Austria” living ideas.

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CHECK one offers the general advantages of click vinyl floors even more. For example, the rigid vinyl backing on which the decor is applied has some properties that make the product less complicated. The location of the installation is no longer as important as with completely elastic floor coverings.

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The products in this category are characterized by a great price-performance ratio. The floors withstand normal usage in the private sector at any time. The beautiful textured surfaces create an authentic wood appearance in every décor.

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