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ZERO Quarz Style

Stylish staged – elegant wall composition with Quartz Style

zero quarz 1 - Zero Quarz Style
  • Fine quartz coating for decorative shaping of internal walls
  • ideal basis for creative wall design by the professional

Convince with style and individual masterpiece

zero quarz 2 227x300 - Zero Quarz Style

Decent – admit color restrained by always attractive structure
Quartz Style covering with ZERO Deco-in glaze shade Sand

Quarz 227x300 - Zero Quarz Style

Decorative – Quartz Style in wipe technique in Deco-in glaze shade Emerald
So result color nuances with individual touch.

Tintable with ZERO – MIX
Depending on desired effect – rework with ZERO Deco-in/Deco-sil glaze or effect covering
with ZERO Acryl silky gloss varnish Base M