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Wall Plasters

Technique tinted and brushed

Excerpt from the Auro product catalogue

Natural fibre plaster (indoors)

Do you want to try something new?
Find out many possibilities for beautiful effects with AURO.

Excerpt from the Auro product catalogue

AURO – Concrete-Look
Living like in the loft – this current trend of living can be imitated in any apartment or public space with the announced Concrete-Look. Available in 2 color variations:

AURO – Sandstone-Look
The mix of natural fibre plaster and roll and brush renderings lends walls structure and radiates coziness. The naturally seeming walls match with country house style or Shabby-Chic. Available in 3 color variations:

AURO – Slate-Look
Noble Grey – strong urban style. So walls present themselves in Slate Look – Black Slate. By this wall design technique exposed walls and columns let accentuate very good. Available in 3 color variations:

AURO – Marble-Look
This optic and haptic of marble illuminates a noble look into your home. Available in 10 color variations:

AURO – Rust-Look
Walls in Rust Look come close optical to an oxidized iron-surface. So the coziness and warm touch is very surprising. The rustic style can be used in urban or countrified surroundings. Available in 2 color variations: