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Mineral Material


With the mineral material VARICOR®, surfaces of all kinds can be realised in almost any desired colour and shape with unparalleled quality – as a serial product or as a one-of-a-kind product, in public or private buildings, especially
in wet areas. This is enabled by non-porous, extremely wear-resistant and easy-to-clean properties, our expertise in casting technology developed over decades and a completely certified quality management system.

Colors and decors



Plain Colors

Please note:

  • All VARICOR® colours feature a very high-quality, semi-gloss finish.
  • As a result of the production process, there may be natural, random variations in the structure of the marbled colours.
  • Dark surfaces are more likely to show signs of use.
  • The colours black, blue, red, yellow, vulcano, mare, tropical, ecuador, cliff, orange, platin, lime and apple were especially developed for decorative use, i.e. they are not designed for high-use areas. These decorative colours show signs of use (esp. scratches) more easily. If these decors are chosen for high-use areas (e.g. kitchen or bar surfaces), any resulting signs of wear and tear cannot be considered due to a material defect.
  • In addition to transparent granules, the motifs tropical, lime, ecuador, titan, and coco also contain irregular white granules which cannot always be seen in the samples presented in the colour chart. They are, however, part of the motif and are not a product defect.
  • Colour and texture differences may occur between sheets and moulded parts as a result of the different production methods used. Please note that variations in colour differences between sheets and moulded pieces may be more apparent when sheets are combined with built-in sinks with the same motif. Should you decide to use sheets and built-in pieces with the same motif, any differences in colour cannot be considered a material defect.
  • Colour and texture may vary between production batches due to the high amount of natural minerals used.
  • Built-in sinks are not available in granulated colours.
  • The undermounted and step-shaped communal wash troughs and their side pieces (straight and semicircular) are only available in plain colors for the moulded parts.
  • As part of our technological development process, VARICOR® reserves the right to change the specifications of the product(s) and material(s) at any time without advance notice.


Our ready-made bestsellers
As well as individual, custom-made products, we also offer a wide range of standard products for kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose between worktops, washbasins, and sinks in standard formats as well as various custom-sized worktops and washbasins. The custom-sized models can be ordered in different configurations or as a set of multiple units which can be seamless assembled together. The advantage: with the VARICOR® basic program, your waterproof units can be designed to be functional, wear-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Pannels/Sheets 8, 12, 19 mm
For each application the right thickness.

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Made-to-Measure Washstands

Sanitary basins


Kitchen Sinks


Shower trays

Shower tray ATHENA made of Varicor® – function oriented design and a broad variability of dimensions offer optimal application possibilities. ATHENA is designed for floor-level installation as well as for overlay installation.

ATHENA meets the requirements of group B (anti-slip properties) according to DIN 51097 for wet barefood areas.

varicor shower tray - Mineral Material