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Every flooring has advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, it always depends on the circumstances at the installation site. For example, an elastic floor covering with a click system may have problems with uneven surfaces. There, a treatment of the existing subfloor would be necessary.

Also, elastic floor coverings can not be installed under all climatic conditions. Behind floor-to-ceiling windows or even conservatories, temperatures as high as these can affect the pull-out strength of the panels in the click connection.

As a result, we have developed a product that is adjusted to all eventualities. CHECK one consists of a harder backing, which strictly speaking is no longer elastic base. With the components in the product but still a vinyl floor.

A vinyl of the next generation and for us a great advancement of the big CHECK vinyl assortment!

CHECK one is different …

CHECK one offers the general advantages of click vinyl floors even more. For example, the rigid vinyl backing on which the decor is applied has some properties that make the product less complicated. The location of the installation is no longer as important as with completely elastic floor coverings.

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Backing material Plasticizer-free

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, the backing plate does not require the addition of plasticizers. Plasticizers do not have to be bad for humans (see CHECK Vinyl). But with CHECK one, you do not need to read the fine print to see whether the plasticizer used is good or bad. There are simply no plasticizers used.

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CHECK one 0.3

CHECK one is convincing due to its innovative, rigid and plasticizer-free backing plate due to universal application possibilities. The floor board with a width of 180 mm and a layer thickness of 0.3 mm are presented in 10 modern wood decors of different color gradations. 31 floors are suitable for use in the entire living area and for easy commercial use.

Dimension: 1220 x 180 x 4,0 mm
Wear layer:
0,3 mm

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Click-System: Loc-Click
With this click connection, a row is created over the entire width of the room by clicking it on at the front, and then clicked in again around the next row on the long side. This is done by angling the long side under slight pressure until it clicks into place.

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Vinyl Range

CHECK one 0.3 Tile

These tiles in authentic concrete or travertine look as well as lacquered 4V joints are available in the format 610 x 305 mm. Like the planks, they impress with their 0.3 mm wear layer due to their universal application possibilities. They are particularly popular for kitchens and bathrooms – however, with a utilisation class of 31, they can be installed in the entire living area and can even be easily used commercially.

Dimension: 610 x 305 x 4,0 mm
Wear layer:
0,3 mm

Format: tile
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Click-System: Innovation-Click
With this click system, each board can be laid individually. The long side is bent inwards, then the panel is lowered and the overlapping
end faces are connected by tapping with a rubber hammer, so that the surface is level. The click connection is a particularly stable connection, since it is not only inserted or pressed against other „drop-down“ connections, but locked in three positions in the tongue and groove by 1 being hammered in.

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Tile Range